Mission Statement

The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club strives to be a supportive, safe and inclusive community  of northern Canadian swimmers. We swim together to share and celebrate a common love and  passion for the water, as well as for our individual and collective health, fitness, and growth.

We are members of the Masters Swimming Association BC. We also fall under the governance of Swim BC and Swim Canada (Masters division).

The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club is run by a board of volunteers. We hold an AGM in October or November of each year. Members in good standing are eligible to stand for election to the board, vote on matters arising at the AGM and elect members to represent them on the board. Directors are elected for two-year terms, with certain positions staggered across alternate years. The board consists of up to 9 directors: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar and 3-4 directors.

The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club aims to:

  • Promote fun, fitness, health, fellowship and participation among adult swimmers.
  • Provide guidance and leadership in the development of programs and events for non-competitive and competitive adult swimmers.


The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club was founded in 2015 by Victoria Ryan, Angie MacNeil,  Olwyn Bruce and MaryAnne Myers, four life long swimmers with a dream of building a northern  swimming community. Within the first five seasons, YGMSC went from a club of 6 swimmers  without a coach into a club with multiple coaches and over a hundred swimmers! 

Culture, Values and Expectations

To be a Grayling means to maintain and enhance the ‘Graylings Culture’ which promotes the dignity, self-esteem and growth of all Graylings, community members, and staff at the CGC.

  • Treat each other with the highest standard of respect and positive regard; when we  all share mutual respect, we all win
  • Offer constructive comments or feedback appropriately and avoid public criticism of other members, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff. Let’s build each other up!
  • Consistently modelling the spirit of sportsmanship, integrity and ethical conduct  
  • Never engage in bullying/abusive types of behaviours or incite others to do so
  • Intervene, when appropriate, to correct or prevent practices that are harmful or  unjustly prejudicial. Report it if you see it!
  • Be inclusive by celebrating and valuing diversity. Resist judgemental thoughts and  behaviours
  • Treat individuals fairly and with courtesy; approach each other with empathy and  kindness; take care of and support one another. Aspire to be a mentor!
  • Encourage and inspire one another to strive towards achieving individual goals 
  • Work hard and challenge yourselves to your fullest potential and promote positive,  friendly competition. Doing our best each day adds up! 
  • Ensuring adherence to the rules of the Club, the CGC, as well as the guidelines of  Masters Swim Canada    

And…. HAVE FUN!!

Board Members (2022-2023)

President: Sophia Marnik

Vice-President: Olwyn Bruce

Secretary: Jenny Bonny

Treasurer: Annie-Claude Letendre

Director: Jennifer Beauregard

Director: Andrew Hall

Director: Sarah Waters