Learn more about Masters swimming

Who are the Yukon Graylings Masters?

We are enthusiastic group of swimmers of all abilities. If you are 18, you are old enough to join! Most members are looking to improve their swimming skills and develop some lifelong swimming habits as well as make some new friends.

What can I expect?

Masters swimming has some differences from recreational swimming. We swim at set times with a coach on deck who provides a workout and tips to improve your technique. You will share a swim lane with others with similar abilities.

In Masters, you will learn to:

In addition, you will be welcomed into an inclusive community of members who have expertise in competitive swimming, triathlons, open water swimming and cold water swimming.

Master swimming isn’t a “learn to swim” program. We recommend that people who join can swim 100 metres of the pool continuously. If this is currently out of reach, we recommend enrolling in Adult swim lessons at the Canada Games Centre.