Safe Sport

The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club does not tolerate bullying, harassment, abuse,  racism, sexism, homophobia or discimination of any kind. The Graylings are committed to  actively learning about, addressing, and dismantling racism and discrimination of all forms. 

When sport provides us with a safe environment, we all soar to greater heights.

The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club is committed to creating an environment for its  members, coaches, and surrounding community that is positive, safe and where everyone feels  welcome and valued. The Yukon Graylings Masters Swim Club strives to be an example of what  true sport and recreation is all about: individual and community development that is safe, fun and  for life! 

Types of Abuse, Harassment, Maltreatment

If you See it or Hear it, Report it!

Examples include but are not limited to: any unwanted and unwelcome physical or sexual conduct, leering, gawking, unwelcome remarks, jokes, comments, innuendo, unwelcome comments about a person’s looks, body, attire, disability, age, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, condescending or patronizing behaviour which is intended to undermine self-esteem, diminish performance or adversely affect environment, practical jokes which cause awkwardness  or embarrassment, unwanted physical contact including touching, petting, pinching or kissing,  unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances, texts, requests or invitations, physical or sexual assault.